2022 Top 25 Leaders in Supplier Inclusion, DEI Named

Faye Cheung Develops Supplier Diversity Program Structure at WW (Weight Watchers)

Faye Cheung is the Head of Supplier Diversity at WW. As part of her role, Faye implemented a multifaceted roadmap with key initiatives for the Supplier Diversity Program. As a result of developing a strong structural foundation, working to secure leadership support, and cultivating a network of change agents, Faye successfully built a Supplier Diversity Program that includes advocacy, education, and accountability throughout the organization. Beyond her day-to-day core responsibilities, Faye mentors peers on inclusion and diversity topics and maintains a safe space for individuals to speak of their personal experiences.

Inspiration for Faye’s work comes from the thought of a brilliant future for generations to come, free from bias and inequality. She dreams of a day in the future when society can consistently celebrate what makes each person unique, embrace our differences, and being our authentic selves in all spaces is the norm. Faye also serves as the Director of Strategic Sourcing. She believes supplier bases should reflect the diverse composition of a company’s workforce and customers.

  • Favorite Quote: Perfection is the enemy of progress.” —Winston Churchill