2021 Top 25 Diversity Change Leaders Continue Progress in Difficult Times

Ronald Baldwin Brings People Together at AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies

Ronald Baldwin is the Director, Supplier Management and Diversity at AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies (ACFC) and has been instrumental in building a successful Supplier Diversity program from the ground up. His success is founded on bringing people together. He launched the Mentor-Protégé Program targeting diverse suppliers. Ronald hosts supplier diversity training sessions and seminars in partnership with the MSDC Business Development Agencies. He also does outreach to community groups, businesses, and stakeholders to discover new opportunities. In addition to these efforts, Ronald established and leads the ACFC supplier diversity council of direct and indirect reports and diversity champions. He also set up regional councils, and regularly coordinates activities to promote enterprise-wide awareness and engagement of all participants as it pertains to their respective regions.

Ronald’s efforts and commitment have contributed to ACFC’s diversity spend increasing from 3 percent to 25 percent. Ronald and the ACFC have received multiple awards, including Corporation of the Year, Advocate of the Year, Minority Business Enterprise Input committee Advocate. He served as Past President and Supplier Diversity Officer for the Institute for Supply Management.

  • Favorite Quote: "You can’t lead where you don’t go"