2021 Top 25 Diversity Change Leaders Continue Progress in Difficult Times

Wells Fargo’s Salvador Enriquez Helps Diverse Businesses

Salvador Enriquez is a Supplier Diversity Manager at Wells Fargo. He manages the 10 Wells Fargo foundation-funded best-in-class business supplier diversity capacity building programs. These programs have impacted more than 800 diverse-owned U.S. businesses. Salvador’s team collaborated with subject matter experts from the top businesses in the U.S, such as Dartmouth College and Stanford University. He strives to always find the most innovative companies in the financial services arena, which helps Wells Fargo be more competitive. The goal of the capacity program is to grow diverse businesses while reaffirming the bank’s commitment to strengthening small and diverse businesses all over the U.S. The success of small and diverse businesses is the success of Wells Fargo.

During the pandemic, Salvador saw many small and diverse-owned businesses go out of business, and he noted that the companies with a strong online presence were better equipped to weather the COVID-19 economic downturn. In response, he retooled the capacity building programs, to include training on e-commerce opportunities. This training effort helped many small and diverse businesses survive.

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