2022 Top 25 Diversity Change Leaders Making Waves : National Supplier Inclusion and DEI Leaders Continue to Innovate their Programs.

Greg Peterson is Building an Organizational Culture Centered on Supplier Diversity at Amgen

Greg Peterson is the Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at Amgen and his team supports the Manufacturing and Engineering areas of Amgen Operations. In partnership with his stakeholders, Peterson and his team have developed strategies to attain achievement of the organization’s supplier diversity goals.

Peterson has been focusing on building supplier diversity and inclusion into the organizational culture at Amgen, ensuring that it remains a core part of sourcing strategies and incorporated into the supplier selection process. Peterson and his team have been partnering with Amgen’s Supplier Diversity Program Manager (Kristin Bentsen) to build a robust program that not only educates Amgen staff on the importance of supplier diversity and inclusion, but also focuses on networking with the local and national community of diverse suppliers. It’s a long journey, but there’s no limit for leaders as committed to diversity as Peterson.

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