2022 Top 25 Diversity Change Leaders Making Waves : National Supplier Inclusion and DEI Leaders Continue to Innovate their Programs.

Marcella McCullough is Supporting Diversity Advocacy within NISSAN

Marcella McCullough is the Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity and Purchasing Strategy at the Nissan Group of the Americas. Among her job responsibilities is regularly meetingwith Nissan purchasing directors to advise on future areas of opportunity for working with diverse suppliers. These meetings bring attention to diverse suppliers who are ready to contract with Nissan and provide unsurpassed service. McCullough identifies these diverse suppliers partly through her work with a variety of diverse-supplier national, and regional,advocacy groups.

McCullough also leads a Supplier Diversity Workstream with 10, Tier 1, suppliers that are also engaged in identifying and advocating for qualified diverse supplier opportunities.This is a way that Nissan is providing a forum for Suppliers to share best practices and support to each other.

In addition, with a high focus on diverse supplier retention, McCullough has introduced the value of a Succession Training for diverse suppliers for external and internal awareness. The training will help prepare suppliers for retiring or unforeseen emergencies.

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