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DTE Energy Empowers Local Suppliers, creating 12,000 Jobs and Fueling Michigan's Growth

DTE Energy's commitment to partnership and local investment is driving substantial economic growth across Michigan. Through strategic collaborations with businesses like Motor City Electric (MCE), DTE is not only enhancing the state's energy infrastructure but also fostering community development and job creation.

Dave Volkman, Senior Vice President of MCE, emphasizes the depth of their alliance with DTE, stating, "Our partnership transcends traditional boundaries. Together, we're shaping the future by inspiring youth, embracing renewable energy, and making a tangible difference in our communities."

For over four decades, MCE and DTE have joined forces on various utility projects, contributing expertise in areas such as renewable energy initiatives and electrical infrastructure enhancement. As Michigan's energy landscape evolves, DTE's investment in local suppliers like MCE becomes increasingly vital, especially with the rise of renewables and electric vehicles.

Jaspreet Singh, Vice President of Corporate Services at DTE, affirms the company's dedication to Michigan's economic prosperity. "We're proud to support local suppliers and businesses across the state," Singh says. "By investing in Michigan-based companies, we're not only delivering high-quality services to our customers but also driving job growth and community development."

DTE's commitment extends across various regions of Michigan, with investments totaling millions of dollars and thousands of jobs created and sustained. From Southeast Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, DTE's partnerships are fueling economic opportunities for local businesses and communities.

As a founding member of Pure Michigan Business Connect, DTE continues to champion initiatives that promote local sourcing and supplier diversity. With a track record of over 64 industry awards since 2018, DTE is leading the charge in fostering inclusive economic growth and opportunity.