NMSDC and KDM & Associates Partner to Create Government Contracting Best Practices Incubator

The program will provide minority business enterprises (MBEs) and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (SEDIs) with tools, resources, and support.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) MBE Center for Accelerated Growth, Innovation, and Resiliency and KDM & Associates are partnering to create The Best-in-Practices 12-Week Government Contracting Incubator cohort. This program is made possible thanks to funding from the Minority Business Development Agency’s (MBDA’s) Capital Readiness Program.

It is designed to provide minority business enterprises (MBEs) and Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals (SEDIs) with the tools, resources, and support needed to excel in government contracting and procurement opportunities.

Participants in the program will receive the following:

  • • Expert Guidance: Access to industry experts, government contracting specialists, and seasoned mentors who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the program.
  • • Specialized Training: Specialized training and workshops focused on navigating the complexities of government contracting, including certification processes, compliance requirements, and bid proposal development.
  • • Networking Opportunities: Connections with fellow MBEs, government agencies, prime contractors, and procurement officers to expand their network, build strategic partnerships, and explore contracting opportunities.
  • • Access to Resources: Access to a wealth of resources, tools, and templates to streamline government contracting efforts, from market research and business development to contract management and performance tracking.
  • • Tailored Support: Tailored support and feedback on their business strategies, capabilities, and proposals to enhance competitiveness and increase the chances of success in securing government contracts.
  • • Peer Learning: Peer learning and collaboration with others in the cohort, sharing experiences, insights, and best practices to accelerate learning and growth.
  • • Opportunity for Growth: Opportunities to position their businesses for growth and success in the government contracting arena and a chance to expand their market presence.
  • • On-Demand Learning: Access to courses and resources anytime, anywhere, at any pace. The online platform allows participants to fit learning into their busy schedules, making it convenient and flexible.
“To achieve NMSDC’s goal of reaching $1 trillion in annual revenue for our certified MBEs, it is essential they are positioned to succeed across all industries and sectors. The MBE Center for Accelerated Growth, Innovation, and Resiliency’s focus on delivering comprehensive contract and capital readiness programming is key to realizing this vision. We are excited to see how this collaborative effort with KDM & Associates increases the center’s impact,” said NMSDC Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & MBE Services Jetheda Hernandez.

"KDM is pleased to partner with NMSDC to create and capture a win-win-win opportunity for industry, for MBEs, small businesses, and for government. We find that corporations committed to diversity are usually global or scaling to become global. This 12-week online training program will produce MBEs who are not just diverse, but solidly trained to win federal contracts, and prepared to scale due to increased contract awards, capital readiness, and escalating capacity. In brief, the online training partnership with NMSDC will help more MBEs become risk mitigated suppliers, and more prepared to do business internationally. It's truly a win-win-win", says KDM's CEO Keith Moore.

To learn more about the partnership and the NMSDC MBE Center for Accelerated Growth, Innovation, and Resiliency contact NMSDC MBDA Program Director, Maleeka Catron at Maleeka.Catron@nmsdc.org.