Julia Litvak: Leading The Charge for Responsive Supply Management at Medtronic

Julia began her journey as a Manufacturing Engineer at Raytheon Company, an experience that shaped her analytical thinking. She later expanded her skillset by working in Sales & Marketing roles, setting her on a course that led to her becoming a guiding force in Supply Management. Today, Julia's leadership at Medtronic spans over 30 years of experience, including significant contributions with Ahold USA, Staples, and Ariba/SAP.

In her current role, Julia has built an RSM program that is more than a compliance checklist—it is a living, breathing embodiment of Medtronic’s mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. But her mission doesn't stop there. With an added layer of commitment to human rights, environmental stewardship, and ethical behavior, she is guiding Medtronic toward a future where corporate responsibility is a given, not an afterthought.

Under her guidance, the program has achieved remarkable success, including an astonishing jump in the DJSI Supply Management section's score from 42 to 85 points. Her strategy is comprehensive, involving supplier risk analysis, sustainability performance assessments, on-site audits, conflict minerals management, and Scope 3 GHG emissions disclosure. In all these facets, Julia ensures alignment with corporate Enterprise Sustainability goals, making her a subject matter expert representing Medtronic at various international conferences.

Julia is also playing an integral part in executing due diligence across the Medtronic supply chain. This includes supplier risk mapping by aggregating multiple data streams across the complex supply chain and product lines.

One significant aspect of her dedication to a better world is Medtronic’s FY45 Decarbonization initiative for Net Zero emissions. Recognizing the risks that climate change poses to human health and long-term global financial stability, Medtronic, with Julia as one of the key execution leaders for Scope 3, has set an ambition to achieve net zero emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3 by fiscal year 2045.

An essential component of Julia's success is her team. Corinna Oien, Program Manager, and Jonah Simonds, Sr. Program Data Analyst, have been instrumental in driving the program's efficacy and reach. Julia emphasizes, “Without them, I would not be able to take the Program to the level it is today.”

One of the most moving motivators behind Julia's dedication to her work is a personal one. Her daughter Nicole's challenge that her generation didn't care about social issues struck a chord. Julia's response? Proving her wrong and ranking 9th among the Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders for 2018, joining the ranks of leaders from Walt Disney Company, Google, Apple, and AT&T. Her achievements were not only a professional triumph but also a touching personal redemption, earning her daughter's pride.

Julia's efforts extend beyond the confines of her office. Her education and certification as a Certified Professional in Supply Management stand as a testament to her dedication to continuous learning and her pursuit of excellence. She has also pioneered sustainability training programs for Medtronic employees and suppliers, demonstrating her vision for nurturing a culture of responsibility within and beyond the company.

As SVP Chief Procurement Officer John Klein said, “Our suppliers are an extension of us, and we expect no less from them as we do from ourselves.” Julia Litvak has made these words a living reality at Medtronic, reflecting a legacy of integrity, innovation, and influence. Her story resonates not only within the company but as an exemplary model for responsible supply management in the global corporate landscape.

In a world where many are still navigating the complexities of sustainability and corporate responsibility, Julia Litvak stands as a beacon of leadership and commitment. Her promotion as Program Director, RSM, acknowledges her significant contributions to the field and Medtronic's confidence in her continued ability to drive impactful change.

Julia's story inspires not just through her professional accomplishments, but also through her steadfast dedication to proving that individuals can make a difference. Her daughter's challenge may have ignited a spark, but it is Julia's passion, expertise, and unwavering belief in responsible practices that have fanned it into a roaring flame.

In the complex interplay of manufacturing operations, supply management, and sustainability, Julia is an unsung hero whose work has laid the foundation for a more ethical and responsible future. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to her principles showcase a remarkable story that is both engaging and inspiring. The world needs more leaders like Julia Litvak, who not only preach responsibility but live it, breathe it, and inspire others to do the same. Her work is a testament to what one individual's passion, coupled with expertise, can achieve in shaping a better world. Her story will undoubtedly continue to inspire and influence others in the field for years to come.