Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Leveraging a Diverse Supply Chain to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Companies are increasingly dependent on supplier relationship management (SRM) to achieve business objectives, including profitability and strategic goals. New dynamics, like technology....



Maturing of Supplier Relationship Management Unlocks Value

The discipline of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is maturing as it becomes imperative to generate value from the supply chain. SRM is not the same as Supply Chain Management (SCM).


Disability Works

Going Mainstream: New Technologies for People With Disabilities in the Workplace

Many employable people with disabilities have one major goal: Get hired and be as productive as possible. This goal sounds just like the goal of people without disabilities. The unemployment...


Best Practice

Teaming Agreement Strategies: When The Small Business Is The Prime Contractor

In the last issue of this magazine we discussed the best strategies for structuring and negotiating teaming agreements in the federal contracting arena when the small business is the subcontractor and the large business is the prime contractor.


Global Invest

Crescent-Shaped Croatia Brings Full Round of Investment Opportunities

Croatia holds the distinction of being the last member state to join the European Union in 2013. Located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the crescent-shaped country offers easy...

    Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Deploying Technology in a People-Centered Way to Elevate the Employee Experience

    Big spend on R&D is always justified as the path to innovation and improved financial performance, but is it?

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